Steal My Shine


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One day I'm gon' finally be
Everything that I ever dreamed.
So let the world try and hold me back.
I keep my head up at the stars and hustle until I get there.
Cuz nothing in life, nobody in life
Is gonna steal my shine.
Nothing's gonna steal my shine.

Since I left the womb I was destined for greatness.
But never thought the road to greatness would be painless.
Yeah I feel success when the world knows what my name is,
but being great is so much more than just being famous.
Now I'm living in this dream but the passion's gone,
it's like living in a mansion when the lights ain't on.
I used to think I'd have it all once I reached my dreams
but now I'm standing in the grass and it ain't quite as green.
Cuz everything I ever wanted is a breath away
but all of it could fade in a single day.
So what's the fame? I'm over that.
Cuz sooner or later every man's fame fades to black.
So I look to the sky,
think about the purpose that could pass me by.
Livin' everyday like I'm never gon' die.
If I ain't wise then what the hell am I?
I think about the pain that I've been through
and if I could go back then I would do it.
Cuz I know all the pain is for nothing if praying for something
to keep me from suffering is only gonna be another reason I ain't gon' shine.


Spotlight overdose.
Ask yourself what it is you want the most...
A minute in this game, chasing all the fame?
Hiding all your pain just so people know your name?
Then all the sudden that fame is gone
and your shine is dead like a forgotten song.
When the fans don't scream and your phone don't ring,
and you've sold your soul to a devil in a suit for a deal and an empty dream.
What you got left but just a memory of what you used to be?
If life's a breath then let it echo through eternity!
Pour out my pain and suffering, write out my broken heart.
A song for every scar like every scar's a gift from God.
I want to shine light that
ain't never gonna fade when the stage goes black.
When everything I love makes pain my past,
and I can be the reason that I never look back.
I think about the dirt that I've been through,
and all the good in my life that I did do.
So I'm living for the moment, never think about the struggle.
I don't ever wanna give another minute to a record label stealing my shine.



released July 21, 2014
Written by Crucifix
Produced by Sean Divine
Published by Crucifix Music (ASCAP)
© 2014 Cruce Signati



all rights reserved


CRUCIFIX Atlanta, Georgia

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